12593598_10154708325825681_4635444810201057096_oSimply stated, camp is hot. The summer months are both a blessing and a curse in that the weather is warm, but sometimes too warm! However, this is not a good excuse for sitting inside and doing nothing. Camp Tomahawk offers a number of water activities for our Scouts.

Each Den is able to try their hands at fishing (multiple times) during the week. The pond we use is teeming with fish just waiting for your son to make their big catch! Instructors are on hand to teach the basics of fishing and to help each Scout depending on their level of skill.

Just because the weather won’t allow for snow doesn’t mean the kids can’t improvise! Our Games Activity area includes a water-sponge version of a snowball fight. Your Scout will be supervised in a group water activity that’s sure to bring a smile to their face and relief from the summer heat!

Camp Tomahawk always caps off the week with a fire truck visit. Whether is be a private pumper or an official truck, the kids absolutely love being hosed down by the fire truck! This is one of the many camp activities that keep the kids coming back year over year. Where else are you going to be hosed down by a real fire truck?

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