13344673_10154697757315681_426254580500736678_nMost Scouts are involved in organized sports outside of the Scouting program, but they may not get the opportunity to do non-traditional sports options. Camp Tomahawk takes the idea of outdoor sports and thinks outside the box. Instead of having the Scouts play a game they are used to, we create options like human-foosball (creating a foosball “table” and having the kids be the players) or attack the castle (one team builds a castle of boxes and the other team tries to knock it down). We encourage the kids to use their brains and their muscles and work both equally.

Every year, many of the Scouts tell us that their only opportunity to use BB-guns and bows-and-arrows, or getting to go fishing, is at camp. We have highly trained instructors that will introduce your Scout to these activities in a safe and controlled environment. Safety and responsibility is always part of the educational process, but having fun and showing their maturity with these new skills always shines through!

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