Can you throw some things in a pack, step off the road into the woods and live comfortably for a few days without getting lost? Can you build a fire, lash a tripod together, set up a shelter, cook your food, stay warm and dry and leave no trace of your presence when you leave?

Just as the body needs exercise to grow and develop, so does the mind. During the week, instructors will introduce and expand upon some of the skills and knowledge which are felt to be a core part of the various Scouting program.

Some of the skills you Scout will be introduced to are: First Aid, Orienteering, Backpacking, Cooking, Camping, Wilderness Survival, Knife, Axe and Saw Skills, Fire Building and Safety, Lashing, Dutch Oven Care and Use, Leave No Trace Philosophy, simply being in the woods, and Emergency Preparedness.

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