Camp Tomahawk 2017

Bugs have invaded Camp Tomahawk and we need your help to find them all!  The theme of Camp Tomahawk 2017 is “Bug Hunters”. Bugs are an integral part of our world and we can’t survive without them. From medicines to food, bugs exist on every continent in the air, on the ground, and in our water. At camp this year, we intend on educating our Scouts through fun activities (as well as traditional [and expected] camp activities) that will have them elbow-deep in the world of bugs. Join us for the adventure this summer and help us discover all that bugs have to offer our world!


Our Scouts love the traditional camp activity of archery. Some may start at a simple 15-yard shooting range and some begin at 20. Their range increases with their skill level progression. Archery skill instructors emphasize safety and fun. There is often a great thrill derived from a camper hitting their first bull’s eye after quality one-on-one teaching from our staff.


Riflery is a perennial favorite for Scouts. They look forward to a skill where they are taught the basics of marksmanship. These include safety, trigger pull, sighting, and positions. Our certified instructors teach on NRA guidelines and offer chances for skill advancement. Many campers bring home one of their favorite keepsakes…their first bull’s eye target.

Scout Skills

Just as the body needs exercise to grow and develop, so does the mind. During the week, instructors will introduce and expand upon some of the skills and knowledge which are felt to be a core part of the various Scouting programs. Skills commonly included are camping, cooking, first aid, wilderness survival, orienteering and pioneering.


Everyone knows the feeling of scoring a goal or the payoff that comes after working hard. Scouts love that feeling and we off the opportunity through our fishing activity. The pond we use is teeming with fish just waiting for your son to make their big catch! Instructors are on hand to teach the basics of fishing and to help each Scout depending on their level of skill.

Outdoor Sports

Each year the camp offers a rotation that allows the Scouts to take part in a team sport. Activity Leaders are in hand to teach them how to play and to oversee the activity to make sure it is fun for all. In the past, this area has included a scaled-up version of foosball, attack-the-castle, kickball, and more.

STEM Activities

STEM has been an important buzzword in the education world for quite some time. Scouting STEM activities compliment the traditional Scout program and encourage kids to explore the world in which they live. We offer exciting, hands-on experiments that make science, technology, engineering and math come alive. From outdoor science experiments through building and launching your own rocket, there’s something your Scout will be interested in!

Creative Arts

Using imagination and creativity to inspire your own take-home crafts has always been a part of Camp Tomahawk. Each day, the Scouts are offered the opportunity to get creative in the many activities they take part in. From wood-burning to creating Scout crafts, each scout can get as inventive as they want.

Evening Activities

While Camp Tomahawk is a day camp, the fun doesn’t stop in the afternoon each day. For children, new to Scouting, we offer an evening of day camp activities just for our youngest Scouts. The evening is meant to be a little more hands on without the distraction of the older Scouts. On a separate evening, for our Webelos II Scouts, we offer a special ceremony to recognize their Scouting achievements to date and to encourage them to head into Boy Scouts.