director’s greetings

At Camp Tomahawk, we understand the importance of caring for your children. Our staff consists of highly trained and well equipped adults and Boy Scouts, many of whom have boys (or siblings) attending the camp. The main goal of our staff is to to make sure your children are safe while having the best Scouting experience we can provide. The people who make up our volunteer staff never sit on the sidelines; they are engaged and active in all aspects of your child’s day. Our strong sense of family ensures that your child will be treated like family while they are here.

Den Leaders

We strive to ensure that each child is always supervised and safe. At Camp Tomahawk, we maintain exceptional Scout to leader ratios by creating “provisional dens” of children all in the same Scouting year. This means that your child’s camp experience will mimic their home-den experience within their own pack. Den leaders are vital to our camp in that they guide your children through their day while also maintaining daily communication with parents regarding updates regarding the camp.

Activity Leaders

At Camp Tomahawk, each activity/station is lead by an amazing group of leaders. Our activity leaders come from all walks of life and have a range of experience from law enforcement, firefighters, and medical personnel to office workers, accountants, lawyers, and much more. Each has a responsibility to create the most positive camp experience they can while conveying their knowledge of their assigned activity to your child.

Administrative Staff

Our Administrative staff members have been hard at work, for over a year, coordinating every aspect of Camp Tomahawk. As soon as camp ends, they get busy using the information from the current camp session to plan the following year’s session. While camp operates, these leaders continually alter their operations to ensure a seamless experience for our Scouts. From filling in for Den and Activity Leaders to gathering supplies and making sure the camp has everything it needs to be safe, fun, and memorable for our Scouts, the Administrative staff is constantly working to make Camp Tomahawk the best possible Scouting experience of your child’s summer.

It was the best summer camp ever! I had great time and have met a lot of new friends! I’ll be back!
I love coming back to Camp Tomahawk because I learn so much and have fun doing it!
My brother told me how much fun he had. I’m glad I started coming here because he was right!