Parents & Volunteers

Transportation to Camp

Transportation to and from our Camp Tomahawk is the responsibility of each parent or family. Many times, parents are working and have difficulty with this, so we encourage you to reach out to the other parents in your home-Pack to car-pool. However, please ensure that your child’s transportation information is updated with the camp staff as we will not release your child to anyone not indicated on the paperwork. This is not up for negotiation as your child’s safety is our primary concern!

Weather Policy

The activities at Camp Tomahawk are designed to proceed rain or shine. In the event of severe weather, please follow the inclement weather policy that should have been distributed before your arrival at camp. We have policies in place to deal with the summer storms that frequently blanket our camp during our sessions, but your knowledge of how we handle inclement weather will make for a smooth pick up process.  In advance, thank you!

Volunteer Orientation

Every adult leader, adult volunteer, and camp aid (regardless of age) attending Camp Tomahawk is required to attend one of the training and orientation classes found in the Training area of this site or communicated to you when you volunteered for camp. These training opportunities allows our administrative staff to orient you to how camp operates, what to prepare for with the children, and how to handle various situations while at camp. In addition, there are many levels of rules and regulations that everyone must follow and we don’t want people showing up to camp not knowing this vital information.  Lastly, Den Leaders have the opportunity to collect their Scout’s camp t-shirts and den assignments so that they may begin communicating with parents immediately.

Camp Set-Up & Tear-down

We NEED as many parents as we can possibly get to assist with Camp Set-Up (the day before camp starts) and Camp Tear-Down (the evening that camp ends and the day after camp ends). As you can imagine, Camp Tomahawk takes an immense amount of work to set up and tear down. The more people we are able to get to help with both set-up and tear-down, the faster the process will go and it will ensure that camp is successful! We absolutely need your help to make the camp a success so please come help us. If you aren’t a skilled laborer, we also need help delivering goods to various stations, creating and hanging signs, marking parking and activity areas, etc. There is something for EVERYONE to do.

If you chose to help with either set-up or tear-down, please look for announcements from the camp regarding both. Set-up usually occurs between 10am until 2pm on the Saturday and Sunday immediately preceding the camp and tear-down usually starts directly after camp ends on Friday and resumes the following morning at 10am. As with camp attendance, it is recommended that you bring a lunch with you along with drinks and snacks.


All adult volunteers and camp aids are required to attend training for Camp Tomahawk prior to taking the lead in their elected roles at camp.  Please take a look at the training section of this website to learn more about this process and to see what dates are available for training this year.

Sunscreen & Bug Spray

Each child is responsible for having sunscreen and bug spray applied to them prior to being dropped off at camp each morning. This allows the day to begin on time and without complication. However, during the day, your child’s Den Leader will remind them to re-apply as needed, depending on the weather conditions.  If they need assistance with this, please make sure your Den Leader knows that you would like them to address this for your child.

Staying Hydrated

The only frustrating thing for Scouts at Camp Tomahawk is how often they are reminded to drink water. Don’t be surprised if your child tells you, “they make me drink water all day!” Scouts have access to water at every station throughout their day and are made to take a drink at, and sometimes between, activity area.

Cub Scouts

Camp Uniform

Prior to arriving at camp, someone (your camp liaison) from your home-Pack should have received t-shirts for your child and contacted you to deliver them. Please note that this may not have happened due to their plan to deliver them at camp on the first day. Each Scout is required to wear the official camp t-shirt every day. This identifies them as being a part of camp and we can easily see them from a distance. We advise that every participant wear an older pair of sneakers (with socks) daily due to the amount of walking involved at the camp. There are no sandals or crocs allowed in camp due to the possibility of injury! Please know that anyone wearing open-toed shoes or crocs will be asked to leave camp until the appropriate footwear is provided.


Each Cub Scout is responsible for providing their own lunch, snack, and drink for the lunch time period. It is advised that each Scout pack their lunch inside a labeled, one gallon zip-lock bag with an ice pack to keep it cool. Some people choose to freeze a bottle of water and store it in with their lunch, but please note that they don’t always thaw in time for lunch. Den Leaders will provide a cooler at your meeting area for the storage of ONLY their Den’s lunches. We encourage you to coordinate within your Den as to providing ice for the cooler. Camp Tomahawk does not supply ice for individual Den coolers. All Den Leaders and volunteer parents are required to bring their lunch on the day they attend camp.

Tiger Program

First time campers (Tigers) will take part in an exciting program that will introduce them to the fun of Scouting. Tigers are invited to attend a New Scout Night program, held after camp (see announcements as to what day it will occur) where they, and an adult partner, will be able to enjoy all that Camp Tomahawk has to offer without the distraction of the old kids.

Girls Camp Experience

Camp Tomahawk isn’t just for Cub Scouts (boys)! Every year, we offer an opportunity for girls to participate in Tomahawk activities. Just like the boys, our girls are placed into Dens based on their age and will travel to the scout stations, just as their Cub Scout brothers do. Girls must be at least 7 years of age (younger siblings will be assigned to the “Tag-a-Long” area).

Awards at Camp

The goal of Camp Tomahawk isn’t just fun; it’s advancement! While at camp, your Scout will have the opportunity to work on many advancement requirements at every level of rank within the Cub Scout program. Please be sure to visit the Advancement section of this website to see what they have accomplished.  IT IS UP TO YOU to communicate this list of achievements back to your home-Pack’s advancement chairperson.